Brain Change

Focus on life through a simplified mind

Brain Change

I have and addictive personality.  I have very little self control.  I seem to self destruct whenever i start getting ahead in life.  Why do we self destruct and insist on eating foods that are bad, using tobacco,  wasting money on the next hot item, not exercising when we know we should?  I believe the answer may be lodged inside each of our own minds.  What we need is a complete brain change resolving to not think or feel the same way  again.

I have been studying (scratch that), looking into minimalism.  Minimalism by my favorite definition is

  • Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design.

    The fewest elements of design

    What if we could actually design our own life,  applying the principles of minimalism and disconnecting our brains from the societal pressure to consume.  Minimalism applied to your life may in fact help unclutter your life and your mind, opening up the doors to be more creative,  more adventurous, and less fearful. 

    Granted I am postulating a theory,  I am going to start applying minimalism to my life and write about the adventure. 

    Last night I threw away my can of tobbacco, it is a habit that is very sneaky and could have lethal consequences.  Not to mention the $5 day cost of maintenance on the habit.  I will now place just under $5 per day into an automatic savings account drafted out of my paycheck.

    I weigh 238 lbs, I had just recently been on a diet and dropped to 225 lbs.  I have noticed that my brain decided that it was ok to start eating junk food again since I had reached my goal.  Wouldnt you know it I am gaining the weight back faster than I lost it.  I now resolve to maintain a healthy diet that does not include candy bars from the store.   I will be back to 225 less than 3 weeks mark my words.

    I resolve to start exercising a minimum of 1/2 hour per day, it is great for the body and mind.

    I resolve comment on how my plan is working out at least weekly on this blog.  Funny how I really dont have a plan but I am proceeding with it anyway. 

    I am going to create my list of essential items to me and sell/donate all the rest of the items to the world. 

    I am going to work to create a business that can be done fully location independant

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