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Cleaning House

I set up my auto savings today an additional $50 every two weeks will be deposited for quitting nicotine.  Just saying the word nicotine or tobacco or smokes or chew is enough to make you want to say Hell with it one wont hurt.  It is amazing how addictive the substance is to actually make you talk to yourself in third person rationalizing that it is ok to do it.  It may also be another entity but that would be for another post.  

Began cleaning my office throwing away perfectly good crap that I will never use.   It is very hard dissecting what I absolutely will need.  In the back of my mind I am still hearing dont throw that away you may use it someday.  I am having to forcefully make myself to throw stuff out.  I am going to have to make several passes at this cause I still find my desk stacked up with a bunch of stuff. 

I have not started my list of essential items that I would like to keep my life in possesion of.   I do not know if I am ready to limit my life to a few  possesions that I really need to live.  I have a lot of sentimental items that i would not know what to do with.  Guns, knives, cards.  What do we do with these items?  I know they are not essential to life but isnt the point of life to get experiences? If you have a card your father wrote to you and it makes you feel good when you read it, do you keep it? Or toss it because it wont benefit you.   I must think deeper on this issue to see if I really want to become a minimalist.  I dont want to do it for the environment but im sure it will help.  I want to do it for the  freedom it could bring not being chained to items.

Mortgage, Car payments, Credit Cards these are all opposed to reducing mental anguish in your life and can only increase stress.  I have found that focusing on these things only magnify their importance therefore magnifying the problem you have yourself in with Debt.

I am now focused on building savings.  As I focus on depositing money into my savings account for some reason I seem to have more money to deposit.  For those of you who have read “The Secret” you know why this may be happening.

For now more passes on ridding clutter, actually doing exercise, eating healthy are top on my agenda for the next few days.

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  1. I went through the exact same thing cleaning out the house before my son was born. I managed to clean out a lot of stuff but not all of it. And it should have been done all along but some how I managed to put it all in the back of my head for “later”. You think its just one envelope or one new dish, but don’t realize that after years of one new dish you have a bunch of old dishes that don’t match. But what about the mug your sister gave you before she moved across the nation? I wouldn’t even know where to begin and it gets overwhelming thinking about it. Do you start completely over or keep a small portion of things and throw the rest? What about the things that can still be used? Is it “green” to throw them? Does it matter? hmmm

    Comment by Amanda | September 10, 2010 | Reply

    • Amanda, it is great to hear from you thank you for your comments. I find that I am having to take several passes at each area of my house and slowly scale back my innate need to consume. A lifetime of buying the next shiny object has formed a very powerful tendency in my mind both to consume, and to grasp onto my possesions. As I move forward and think deeply about all the “stuff” I have and what truly brings happiness. I find myself realizing that it is just “stuff” and in a lot of cases I do not own the item but it owns me, My time, My thoughts, My energy, My money. I started this blog not because I am an expert at anything I just merely want to document a lifestyle change that I find interesting and so far I am learning a lot about myself. Best wishes to your young family and again thank you for the comments.


      Justin Guzman

      Comment by Justin Guzman | September 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. I forgot to mention how inspiring it is to hear someone is going through the same thing and actually getting some headway. I’ll have to keep this stuff in ming when I come across something I want and don’t need. Like the stupid new cell I just bought uggghh.

    Comment by Amanda | September 10, 2010 | Reply

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