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Uncluttered Bathroom

Spent an hour tonight with my wife cleaning out the bathroom drawers and cupboards.  we threw away 3 garbage bags full of stuff.  Today I also purchased new towels for ours and the kids bathrooms.  We will be keeping only 4 towels per bathroom, tossing the rest of the old towels.  Items that I have decided to keep and the only things left in our bathroom are as follows.

Toilet paper, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shaving Cream, Razor, Deodorant, 4 towels, Blow Dryer, Curling Irons, assorted make up (she tossed a bunch), Mouthwash, Beard and Mustache Trimmer, Hair Clippers, Soap Supply, Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleaning supplies under the sink – All purpose cleanser, furniture polish, toilet cleaner, soap scum cleaner, Travel bag (for toiletries when I travel), Diabetes test kit, Thermometer, Contact solution/container.

When you write it down like this it sure does seem like a lot of stuff we need to be comfortable.  I imagine I could go caveman and do away with the smell nice stuff but I sure am not ready to become Uber minimalist yet. 

My wife and I also bought new bed sheets today and tossed all others we have not used that have been sitting in closets.  We purchased two new pillows for our bed and threw away the 4-5 pillows that have been lingering around our bedroom.

My battle with nicotine addiction is not nearly over.  I gained 10 lbs since quitting last monday and I broke over the weekend buying a pack and then another and another.  So now I am overweight again and a smoker.  I know this is not going to be an easy process but I am going to systematically beat down all the clutter and distraction in my life and make better choices.  Limiting myself to what is truly important and tossing the rest out the window.  I think that Mental toughness comes by in part by reducing how much your mind is having to deal with at a given moment.  The more you can trim away the fat and get to the meat of the issue to larger you intesity and focus becomes on resolving that issue.

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