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I just finished reading Leo Babuata’s book “less is more” I find several interesting points he makes that goes along with my brain change I am trying to go through now.  Leo comments that one of the reasons that people fail to meet their goals when taking on a new habit change is that they take on too much too soon.  Leo suggests that we have major lifechanging goals and then create mini goals as well as mini task to get these goals done.  For instance.  Ill take my goal for example of being 220 lbs this is currently a 25 lb weight loss goal.  A mini goals would be to lose 2 lbs a week until reached or too eat healthier to help the process along.  A task you could do daily then to reach your mini goals would be to exercise 15 mins a day. or to cut 200 calories out of your diet.   I knew I was taking a hard approach when I decided to complete every goal I had within a month.  Decluttering House, Quitting Smoking, New Diet, Exercising.  So what I have done now is simply start small with things.  I am going to track my diet habits with it is a great website to set up a goal weight and then simply enter in the food you eat as your eating it throughout the day and keeping a log. 


Latest projects decluttered have been. 

Filing Cabinet ( Tossed just about everything in there when you stopped to think will I actually need this the answer was mostly no.) We had tons of old phone bills, power bills, just flotsam floating around in that cabinet I am relieved it is straight now.

Work Desk.  I got this monster decluttered and set up a filing system in the drawer next to me it does make work flow much quicker when everything I need to file or from my file is arranged and at hand.

Back Room Our house has little storage space in it so we had let junk pile up in my office space in the back room for years it was great to start putting to bed these items that have just caused untidyness in our house forever.

Bathroom painted: My wife came home one night and we (mostly her) taped off and painted the kids bathroom.  It is so much nicer to be in freshly painted rooms.

With all that we are doing a little chunk at a time we are slowly making progress to get our house to a respectable level of clutter there are a few major rooms left that we need to do.

I would eventually like to create a possesion list and limit our wordly possesions to what is on the list only being able to acquire something when we donate or sell something else.  I am not sure how big to make this list yet I have seen some minimalists publish 100 item lists.  I think that is way too small for us at this point and would be a shock to the system.  As soon as our house gets more organized I will build a list of all our possesions.  We can then chip away from there.

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