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Guys I have been doing a lot of reading lately finding authors that are ahead of me in the game of life/bloggin/minimalism.  The most recent e-book I have read is by Henri Juntilla called ”Passionate Living a simple guide to doing what you love”. Click here to view more details. Henri has made a living online Playing poker, designing websites, blogging, and writing books.  Henri persuades us to take on the challenge to find your passion in life and do it.  He outlines how each of us can find our niche passion and either monetize it or not.  The money doesn’t matter living your passion does.  If your interested in blogging part time or becoming a full time web wizard.  Henri will give you a push in the right direction.  I found the content very uniform with what im doing if you think you may be interested as well Click here .  Yes the links are affiliate links and if you buy you will be supporting both Henri and I.  Henri also runs the blog


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  1. It’s Dad. I am at Amanda’s. Your self-destruct comment is interesting to me in that I sort of suspected the same thing. When I acquired something nice I always suspected that it or myself would vaporize. I shared this notion with Moctezuma Esparza at a symposium. He replied that acquisition of prosperity (especially in the form of money) was a by-product of energy directed toward a cause that is truly good , and that the money was not an end in itself, but a tool. What a concept. Sometimes I still have trouble believing that I deserve my blessings, but they still keep coming. It helps me to continually give thanks to God and defer the credit, so to speak, for the gift of all that is good. Know that you deserve your get-ahead and that God gives without reservation. Ask God for the grace to accept the meaningful gifts without reservation. I love you and your family. Keep writing!

    Comment by Amanda | October 22, 2010 | Reply

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