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I am burning my Day Planner

December 31, 2010 I will be setting to FLAME my Franklin Covey Planner that I have used for the previous five years as a manager.  I guess it is my own little New Years Resolution.

I am going to start the new year out with one less bulky object to pack around as I travel for my job.  This is a definitely a change for me and I will have to challenge my fear of the unknown. 

I can see how panicked some of you task oriented peeps may be but here is a list of FAQ‘s and my replies.

How will you keep track of  Birthdays, Appointments, Events?

I-Phone Calendar

How will you keep track of your TASKS?

I-Phone/Moleskine notebook

Pretty easy anwers right?

Also remember that by having applied minimalism to my life I now have fewer tasks that need to be done anyway.  And only important ones remain.  It is not so hard to keep track of Tasks when you only have a few that matter.

I-Phone (which I already have) is going to take the place of my Franklin Covey calendar.  My phone already syncs with Outlook Calendar which my company uses.  I have been overly redundant putting dates in my planner, phone, and outlook to remember information.  I will now only be inputting to I-Phone which will sync with outlook creating a backup for anything I may have needed to remember.

MOLESKINE is going to help me take messages, jot notes, preserve thoughts, and remember tasks.   I know I could probably use the Iphone notepad but some things I feel I need to write down and preserve with ink.  It’s also a pain in the ass to type much more than a few quick words into the notepad on the phone.

 So by removing the planner from my life I will be doing my part to save trees, (no more planner pages) as well as saving myself some money, (not having to buy planner pages yearly). 


I can hardly wait the HAMSTER WHEEL OF DEATH (evergrowingneverendingtasklist)will be shed from my life. 

Join Back with me as I will show the funeral pyre of the planner on Jan 1, 2011

If burning you day planner is something you would like to do but the thought may frighten you a bit, Check out my post on Challenging your Fear or this post by digital nomad Jenny 27 ways to kick fears ass

Also be sure to check out Leo Babauta at zen habits.  Leo is great at simplifying and focusing.  His writing has help me to get rid of my planner.

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  1. I’ve figuratively done this already a few months ago. Once I got my Android phone, I didn’t need to keep track of appointments on paper anymore. My phone syncs up with Google calendar, which I had been using anyways. It’s so nice not having to do this anymore. And last week, my mom said, I’ve got you a new date book for 2011. I had to tell her, uh, I don’t use those anymore. 🙂

    And like you, I don’t track tasks. Each day, I think to myself, what is the one thing I need to get done? And that usually takes care of things.

    Have fun burning the day planner!

    Comment by Cynthia | December 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Right on Cynthia, I have been thinking of doing it figuratively too just in case I need it again heh, but, That is the type of thoughts that keep stuff piling up around here so I better stick to what I committed and burn it up.

      Comment by Justin Guzman | December 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. Do we get to see a video of the day planner on fire? I’m waiting in anticipation! It’s not too often that I’ve actually burned any possessions. In fact the only ones I can remember burning were photos of one ex-boyfriend (who shall remain nameless). It was fun!

    Anyways, I don’t have a day planner anymore, or even a calendar, and definitely not an iphone. My big “organizer” is a whiteboard that I scribble notes on and hang important papers from. I’ve been contemplating doing without it as well.

    Hmmm. Maybe I’ll burn my whiteboard!

    Cheers and happy holidays,

    Comment by Tanja from Minimalist Packrat | December 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Oops i have been taking an unnanoucced sabbatical from blogging heh. I think video is a great idea. Thanks for mentioning this tanja. I have been contemplating if I will be able to continue work without it and have done a test run through this december. The results are pretty cool so far. I guess I better get back to posting its been quite a while.
      Catch you soon,

      Comment by Justin Guzman | December 17, 2010 | Reply

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