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I’ve Moved To My Own Domain

Hello all, I have switched from this wordpress domain to my own site.  Humbly titled  I have decided that I wanted to write more than about what I was working on here which seemed to be diving further niche. I decided to broaden my topics and write about improving all areas of your life.  So without much fanfare click here to check out my new site you can also check out my Infobarrel experiment and check out the writing I am do there by clicking on this link.  I am currently working on re-purposing some old content as well as developing some new so check out the new place and let me know what you think.

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Take dreams to reality

To have dreams, goals and aspirations is fantastic. The only thing separating the dream from becoming reality is ACTION!! We must daily take action to move us closer to our goals if we are to ever achieve them. We must remove all distractions, unneccesary items and commitments in our schedules to free up time to perform actions that will move us closer to our goals.

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“The art of being minimalist”

I recently have purchased and read this e-book titled, “THE ART OF BEING MINIMALIST”. by author Everett Bogue.  Everett is a hardcore minimalist living with almost no possesions and making his living online, living wherever he wants to live.    Everett outlines his journey toward minimalism and shows you how you too can start living a more fullfilling life.  Everett also gives you advice on how to de-clutter your life, how to be more productive at work, How to start to make the changes in your life that will impact you the most and give you joy.  I highly recomend this book you can get a copy by clicking the link Click here to visit Everett Bogue.  I must let you know that this is an affiliate link and you will be supporting Everett’s writing as well as my own.

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