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How to KILL a Bad Habit

Alcohol, tobacco, overeating, shopping, gambling, caffeine….Need I go on?

How do we rationalize in our minds that it is ok to keep taking part in self destructive behavior? 

You know this habit is killing you slowly one day at a time.  So what is it that keeps us going back?

We  must take back control of our minds and bodies and no longer be held hostage by habits that do not provide us with health and peace in our soul.

Heres How

1) Aknowledge that there is a problem.  Before you can ever go about fixing something you must understand that it is indeed broke.  You cannot start a battle with your bad habit if you really don’t consider it bad.  We must shine light on the cockroaches so that we may start to formulate a plan on how to get rid of them.  Ignoring the problem wont make it go away on its own. 

2) Accountability. Let your friends know that you are stopping the habit, make a deal with your spouse/children, post it online to a community of people.  We must use the help of those that love us to be responsible for our decisions.  Once we have declared publicy our intent there is a powerful urge to uphold our commitment.  It may not be all you need to make it through but it will give you a good push in the right direction.

3) Prepare for cravings!  Yes you mind with try to trick you into thinking “just this one time.  As soon as you start to do something different, our brains go into panic mode.  This evolutionary trait we all have is what Seth Godin terms the “lizard brain”.  It is the part of the mind that has alway been looking out for predators, keeping us safe when we where out with the wild animals.  The lizard brain never left us, it is there dormant until we start doing something different, something new, the lizard brain doesnt understand whats happening it just sends your body into overdrive trying to go back to what it feels is “normal” or “safe”.  After years of developing a habit your prehistoric brain considers it “safe”.  So before you will “kill” the habit your want to.  Understand that there will be powerful cravings driving you back to the status quo.  We must prepare ourselves for the fight to get through these cravings.

4) Substitute a positive habit.  One of the methods of preparing is to have a new habit to do when you get the craving.  Excercise, Healthy Eating, Writing, Drawing, whatever it is.  Choose something positive that causes you to take your focus off your craving when you do have one.  What could be better than using a good habit to help you abstain from a bad one.

5) Persistence is key, you must be as stubborn as a mule.  You may not succeed the first time but understand you will succeed.  Know in your heart and soul you MUST succeed and be persistent about succeeding.  Use these steps and realize every day for the rest of your life you may have to battle the urge.  Urges come in waves, some are stronger and bigger but they will pass.  We must be able to ride the wave out knowing there will be an end to it.

If you persist and impose your will over your habit.  Sometime around the 3-4 week mark of abstaining you will find relief, it will be as a cool rainshower on your soul.  Coming to the understanding that you will no longer be held hostage to your habit is one of the best natural feelings of euphoria out there.  When you get to this point.  You have metaphorically taken your habit out in the field and shot it.  Congratulations your free

What other suggestions do you have about changing a habit?

What habits have you conquered so far in life?

I would love to hear your thoughts

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